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Bunkai Bastards is a group for people who want to improve their karate and think for themselves.

Many karate-ka are not encouraged to think for themselves, testing or adapting ideas to make things actually work and to face up to the truths of physical violence. Everyone is told that they should progress and eventually adapt karate to themselves but this rarely happens.

Bunkai Bastards want you to be your own karate-ka, think for yourself and take your art through the path of shu-ha-ri. It is not a group to follow dogma or respect an opinion just because of who holds it.

It is not the group for your average karate-ka but for the practitioners who don't want to run in the mainstream.

Bunkai Bastards are irreverent and like to test their workings, they are serious about their karate but not so serious about themselves.

You do not have to give up any other affiliations, this is not a licencing or governing body, just likeminded karate-ka who want to get better.

A word from the Bastards