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You may not be young, you may not be pretty and you may not be in the shape of an Olympic athlete. Neither are we.

What matters to us is that you like to think about your karate and want to improve

If you are fed up with people dressing up rubbish as street effective, or just annoyed with so much bullshit being fed to you, if you hate groups, then we may be the group for you.

You can join us without leaving your current group, this group is just to help you in your study.

Being a member of the Bunkai Bastards is just £2 per month and gets you all the following

  • Access to the secret Bunkai Bastards facebook group. This is the hub of the Bastards with Monthly problems, a chance to input your own solutions, questions and work out how to tailor stuff to you! This is the hub of the Bastards where you are actually involved. We don't care what belt you have, we care about your thought process.
  • Discounts in the Shop for all your cool Bastards goodies
  • Discounts on Bunkai Bastards Courses
  • Discount on other Bunkai Bastards Services
  • Discount on hiring the Bastards hiring the Bastards

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