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Upcoming Bastard Seminars

The Bastards are giving three organised seminars a year. These will be a mix of traditional dojo and other training environments.

September 22nd 2019

Houghton Regis Academy LU5 5PX

10.30am - 3.30pm

This time we will be looking at covering ground escapes, cover, getting dominance and regaining the feet. Being pinned to the wall or in a confined space and how to gain the upper hand and escape.

More details available on Facebook.com/events

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January 26th 2020

Swindon Suju nightclub

more details to follow

Do you always train in a dojo? Always with smooth floor and great lighting? Have you ever tried your bunkai out in a confined space?

If not, then this course if for you. The Bastards will guide you through one of the much under discussed elements of conflict, the environment.

This venue is always fun and gives a unique insight into things you do on a regular basis in a different way!

Contact us for more detailsat at contact@bunkaibastards.co.uk

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