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The Bunkai bastards have been working through how to make karate practical for a long time now and know the pitfalls and problems with making your karate practical.

With this in mind they have come up with several services that can aid people making the transition to practical karate.

  • Private peer review - Like the public peer review, but done on a one-to-one basis so that you can fully discuss ideas and how your bunkai/drill etc. works, possible improvements or theories to explore. The medium in which this is done will depend on your location and the nature of the project involved

  • Syllabus writing - Do you want your syllabus to reflect a more practical approach? The Bunkai Bastards can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in logical steps for both you and your students

  • Drill design - Do you need certain skills for you or your students? Do you want to take a concept and work it into a drill? Do you need help with this? The Bunkai Bastards can help you do it and show you how to design your own!

  • Training healthcheck - Do you know where you are going with your training? Do you want to make sure you are on the right path? With the Training Healthcheck, the Bastards will look at what you are doing now and what your goal is and help you see the path a bit clearer.

  • Seminars - Do you want one, two or three Bastards at your dojo? If you want more close up Bastard action then you can hire one or more of them for a seminar at your dojo.

  • Private Tuition - If you want some one on one time with a Bastard, you can visit us to get some one on one instruction. We can also travel to you for this focused tuition.

  • Grading - Do you want to grade under a Bastard? Or do you want a whole panel of Bastards? They are happy to come to your grading and lend an eye on the proceedings.

For any of these services you can contact the bastards direct on:


Or individually at




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